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Web Hosting Support FAQ

How to update domain nameservers

Domain name is registered with us

If your domain name is registered with us you can login to our website to update your domain nameservers. Once logged in go to Domains ➜ My Domains ➜ Active button for the domain ➜ Nameservers left menu.

Choose Custom nameservers. You can then set your nameservers in the available fields.

Important, If your site is not loading after changing nameservers:

  1. After changing the nameservers it can take anywhere UP to 24 hours for the changes to propagate around the internet.
  2. Also try hitting keyboard Shift + refresh button in your web browser.
  3. Also try emptying your web browser cache.
  4. Also can try testing on a different connection like a mobile phone.
  5. Otherwise just wait, try again later and try numbers 2-4 again if needed.

If DNS Hosting is activated for your domain you should also check you have the correct Domain Option chosen. Go to Domains ➜ My Domains ➜ Active button for the domain ➜ Domain Options left menu and check the Set DNS Type is set to Custom Nameservers. The Custom Nameservers option ensures the custom nameservers setup on the Nameservers page are being used to point your domain.

Domain name is registered with another company

If your domain is registered elsewhere you will need to login to your current domain Registrar to manage the domain. Each Registrar is different so look for the manage domain settings to edit the nameservers.

What nameservers should I use for my hosting account with you

If you don’t know what nameservers to use for your hosting account with us, please read this article: What are my hosting nameservers