If Your Website Breaks, Know You Can Revert to Previous Backups with a Couple of Clicks.

Daily Website & Email Backups & Malware Scanning
And free renewal!

Have Peace of Mind Knowing Backups are Readily Available

Everyone at some point needs access to a backup of their files. Anyone experienced with managing a website knows that websites can break from time to time with software and plugins updates. It can be very frustrating and time consuming to fix. We understand this and provide multiple backups. Backups are readily and easily accessable via JetBackup 5 in your cPanel and can be restored on the spot at anytime.

Frequency of Backups

There are a series of backups to choose from when restoring. We offer a high frequency and long retention period of 3 months. Here is a list of the backups available after 3 months of hosting.

  • 14 days of daily backups.
  • 5 weeks of weekly backups.
  • 3 months of monthly backups

Backup Website Files, Databases, Emails etc

You don't have to restore the whole account or whole website if its not needed. You can restore individual files or folders or email accounts. If one of your plugins is causing a problem after a recent update you can first try restoring only that plugin folder or just one file within the folder.

The backups available include full account backups, home directory (which has all the individual folders and files to choose from), cron jobs, databases, database users, DNS zones, SSL certificates, email accounts and FTP acccounts. The screenshot below displays those options to choose from.

Download Your Own Backups for Safe Keeping

Backups can also be downloaded to your PC which we insist customers do on a regular basis. Having backups in your account and on your PC ensures you will not lose your data.

There is also the cPanel Full Account Backup option separate to the backup option above. You can create a Full cPanel Backup at anytime, provided your hosting account has enough disk space available and download it to your PC for safe keeping. After you have downloaded it to your PC you can then delete the cPanel Full Account Backup file in the hosting account to free up the disk space.

Imunify360 Helps Identify and Remove Malware

Imunify360 is a server firewall and website malware scanner and removal. All files and databases in your account are regularly scanned on an ongoing basis. The main cause of malware are insecure third party plugins and themes with vulnerabilities allowing code injection into a website. Imunify360 is on the front line of defence to help prevent your website from being compromised.

Imunify360 will automatically scan all modified files and any file uploaded via web, file manager or FTP. A real time scan that watches for file changes in the account home folders and runs the malware scanner once a new file or modified file has been detected. We also run a scheduled scan once a week to check over the whole account.