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Web Hosting Support FAQ

How to transfer a .COM.AU domain name

To transfer a .com.au, .net.au, org.au or .asn.au you will need the domain transfer password. You can obtain that from the current domain Registrar login. If you don’t have the login to the current Registrar you can request the password from this website https://pw.auda.org.au/

You can then place an order through our website for a Domain Transfer. Transferring a .au domain is free of charge.

Confirmation Email & Confirmation Link

Once you have completed the order you will receive a confirmation email with a confirmation link that needs to be clicked to initiate the transfer. The email will be sent to the domain contact email set at the current domain Registrar login. You can check which email this is via the https://whois.auda.org.au/ website domain WHOIS. If you don’t have access to that email you will need to contact the current Registrar to get it updated.

Once the confirmation link is clicked, the domain can not be managed until the transfer has completed. So if you want to use your web hosting account with us straight away then you should update the nameservers to ours before clicking the confirmation link which starts the transfer process.

You will receive a notification email once the transfer has completed. You may then login to your client area to manage your domain.