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Secure SSL Certificates
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Secure Your Websites with our Free SSL

Who doesn't want free protection. Using SSL on websites has gained a lot of interest in recent years due to Google's decision to mark sites as secure or insecure as part of their commitment to help protect internet users.

Free SSL is available to customers with any of our hosting plans. SSL can be ordered as a hosting plan addon at the same time as the hosting account or afterwards from within the account login.

Includes Main Domain, Sub Domains & Addon Domains

We provide our web hosting customers Free SSL Certificates for all their domains including sub domains and addon domains. The certificates come with full security issued by Let's Encrypt through cPanel.

Fully Functional SSL certificate

The Free SSL Certificate is a fully functional and trusted Digital Certificate. This means the free certificate is recognized and trusted by 99.9% of all browsers and devices. Your visitors will see the browser padlock and won't get security warnings.

High Strength Signatures & Encryption

The free certificate provides the high strength of 2048 bit signatures and 256 bit encryption. Signup today to our web hosting for only $6.97 a month and enjoy the benefits of our full featured hosting and support, including free SSL for all your domains.