Cut Your WordPress Hosting Costs Today with Our Business Grade Hosting

Hostmate 10


10GB NVMe Disk Space

300GB Data Transfer

5 Websites/Addons

Email Accounts

Memory 1GB

CPU 1 Core


Free SSL


Prepaid Prices
1 mth $4.30
3 mths $12.90 ($4.30 p/mth)
6 mths $25.80 ($4.30 p/mth)
1 year $45.60 ($3.80 p/mth)

Hostmate 20


20GB NVMe Disk Space

600GB Data Transfer

10 Websites/Addons

Email Accounts

Memory 2GB

CPU 2 Core


Free SSL


Prepaid Prices
1 mth $7.20
3 mths $21.60 ($7.20 p/mth)
6 mths $43.20 ($7.20 p/mth)
1 year $79.20 ($6.60 p/mth)

Hostmate 30


30GB NVMe Disk Space

900GB Data Transfer

15 Websites/Addons

Email Accounts

Memory 3GB

CPU 3 Core


Free SSL


Prepaid Prices
1 mth $10.20
3 mths $30.60 ($10.20 p/mth)
6 mths $61.20 ($10.20 p/mth)
1 year $115.20 ($9.60 p/mth)

Unlimited Support

Customers can contact us any time for support. We are very experienced at providing hosting support so you will receive prompt answers to your queries.

Anti Blacklisting Email Servers

Our dedicated email servers prevent blacklisting of our IP addresses which ensures your emails are delivered by preventing compromised spamming email accounts and websites from delivering their payloads.

Free SSL Certificates for all of your Domains

SSL has become a standard for websites. If you don't have SSL yet for your website we will install it on all your domains for free. Keep your data and customers secure and stay on par with the latest internet developments.

Automatically Install WordPress Website Software

No need to download and install WordPress. Install WordPress with a couple of clicks and set it to auto update and keep your website secure.

Enterprise Grade Servers

High performance HP Enterprise Servers featuring HP NVMe Enterprise Disk Drives for fast loading websites.

DDoS Protection

Our network utilises NSFocus DDoS Protection and Mitigation which incorporates a range of different tools to protect against DDoS and malicious traffic.

Prefer to use Gmail or Office360 for Email?

You can use your domain with Gmail or Office360 for email and keep your website with us. Our DNS Zone Editor allows you to point your email to your Gmail or Office360 accounts while hosting your website with us.

Want to use Wix, Shopify or another website builder but need Email Accounts?

Many customers just use our hosting for their email acounts and use Wix or another website builder for their website. You can point your email to us and point your website to Wix. No problem, our support staff can help you set this up.

Automatically Change the PHP Version

Need a different version of PHP, login to cPanel and you can change PHP to the version you require.

Upgrading and Downgrading Plans

Upgrading and downgrading web hosting plans is available to existing web hosting customers and can be done automatically from within the account login.

If you start using more or less disk space you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at anytime. Upgrading cost is the prorata difference from the current date to the plan renew date. Downgrading is also protata creating a credit available in your account.

Free Website Transfers from other Hosts

If you currently have cPanel hosting elsewhere we will move your website to our servers for you at no cost, contact us for more information.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not satisfied or find our service not suitable for you we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. (Domain name registrations are non refundable)

Cheap Web Hosting

Included Web Hosting Services

Domain Features  
Parked Domains Unlimited
Sub Domains Unlimited
FTP Accounts Unlimited
Email Features  
Email Accounts Unlimited
Email Forwarders Unlimited
Email Aliases Unlimited
Auto Responder
SPAM / Virus Protection
DNS Text Record/SMTP+SPF
Hosting Features  
LiteSpeed Web Server
Free SSL All Domains
DDoS Protection
WordPress Hosting
MariaDB/MySQL Databases Unlimited
Remote Database Connections No
PHP 5.5 to 8 Selector
CGI / Perl / SSI
Cron Jobs
GD 2
Python No
SSH/Shell Access No
Control Panel  
Latest cPanel
Softaculous Auto Installer
File Manager
Custom Error Pages
Password Protect Directories
DNS Management
Website Statistics  
Bandwidth Reports
Raw Access Logs
Error Logs
General Features  
High Performance High Uptime Servers
Multiple Backups for Reliability
Australia Data Centre
24/7 Network Monitoring
24x7 Friendly Email Technical Support
30-Day Money Back Guarantee