Prepare Your Website for Google Search: Get Us to Setup the Standard Google SEO Requirements

Google SEO Setup


Home Page Keyword Search Engine Optimisation(Extra pages at $35 each. Add extra pages at checkout)

SEO Software Installation(Applied to entire website)

Google Site Verification

Register Google Search Console

Register Google Analytics

Google Analytics Software Integration(Applied to entire website)

Request Google Site Crawl & Error Checks

Google Domain/Site Submission

Assign Site Owner as Google A/c Admin User

(Notes: after ordering we will contact you regarding your preferred keywords & which pages to apply SEO to)


Give Your Website a Chance at Getting Indexed and Ranked in Google Search Engine

If you don't know the basic essentials of setting up your website for SEO and inclusion in Google we can do this for you. Our service impliments the standard requirements any website needs to get indexed into the Google search engine.

Below are the list of things required to give your website a chance of getting found in Google and to help track the results:

  • Website Keyword Website Search Engine Optimisation
  • SEO Software Installation
  • Google Site Verification
  • Register Google Search Console
  • Register Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics Software Integration
  • Request Google Site Crawl & Error Checks
  • Google Domain/Site Submission

You can do these things yourself, there is a little learning curve and will take some time to get a grasp of it but once you know you can repeat and improve the process for any website.

Keyword Competition Can Be High

Attempting to target keywords with a lot of competition where there are many websites and brands that have been around a while on the net and have built a reputation over time will make it hard to get your website on the first page of Google.

You will need to try to build an online reputation over time to move up the ranking order. This will take some work. The only other way is to pay for Google ads to appear up the top which is not always cost effective as those ad placements are expensive.

If it wasn't so competitive it would be much easier. An example is a recent site we did SEO for The competition for their keywords is low so it was easy to get that on the first page of google. If you search for "stocktaking melbourne" or "stocktakers melbourne" you will see they are on the first page. We did the same SEO service for their site as our product features above.

What Does Google Like to See When Ranking a Webpage

The main things Google likes are links to your website from other well ranked and/or industry related websites. Google also likes customer reviews on sites such as Google+ and Facebook business pages.

Site Promotion and Building Your Online Reputation

Building links and getting reviews isn't easy but it is something you can do over time. Sites to start with include bargain sites, industry related forums, business directories. We have a short list below of a couple as examples to give you an idea of where you can start promoting your business online.

OzBargain is a good site to get your name out there if you want to offer a short period sale or price discounts on specific products:

These are business directories:

And of course you know these ones:

There will be some forums, for example, you could contribute to and put your website link in your forum signature. Forums also often have sections for free promotion of your business or offering product promotions. Facebook ads are another way which has become very popular to attract customers although not so relevant for SEO.

3rd Party SEO Services

That's the basis/starting point of building an online reputation. It takes time. There are businesses/people that will offer SEO services for a high price but we never recommend any to our customers because most are scams, they are expensive services that need to be paid over an ongoing period of at least 6 months to try and get results, no one can guarantee they can help because Google is unpredictable and it has become much harder than the early days of the internet to compete online. No one can guarantee SEO or Google search results.

Apply the SEO Essentials but There is No Guarantee of 1st Page

For our customers we apply the essential SEO requirements that any website needs to get into Google and have a chance but we don't guarantee any high ranking results because it's just not possible to guarantee it.