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Web Hosting Support FAQ

How do I renew my domain name registration?

To renew your domain name login to our website then click:

Domains ➜ Renew Domains ➜ Select Renewal Period ➜ Add to Cart ➜ View Cart

Once a domain is renewed we will send you an invoice and payment confirmation.

We don’t set domain registrations to auto create invoices by default because if there is an invoice and a credit card the domain will auto renew and some people don’t want them renewed and we cant get refunds for domains once renewed/registered. However you can turn on auto renew for a domain in your account for the next renewal.

Can I set domains to auto renew?

Yes, to set a domain to auto renew login to our website and click:

Domains ➜ My Domains ➜ Active ➜ Auto Renew link in left menu

You can then enable Auto Renew for a domain. When Auto Renew is turned on we will create an invoice before the due date. Then on the due date of the invoice we will attempt to charge your credit card for the invoice then renew the domain name.

Expired Domains

If your domain has expired and you cannot renew the domain from within your account, contact us to find out more information about renewing.