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Web Hosting Support FAQ

How long will it take to set up my hosting account?

New Customers

For new customers hosting accounts are setup almost immediately. Once we receive your order we will do a fraud check on the order. This happens quickly so your account will be setup soon after the fraud check.

The fraud check process usually takes a few minutes but occasionally can take up to half an hour.

After your hosting account is setup you will receive a Hosting Setup email.

Existing Customers

For existing customers new accounts are setup instantly. We don’t conduct fraud checks for customers with existing products. So any new orders placed after your first order are setup automatically.

After Receiving the Hosting Account Setup Email

If you are using an existing domain you can then update your domain name servers for the domain as outlined in the setup email. If you registered a new domain in the same order your domain name servers will be setup automatically.

Once you receive the Hosting Setup email you can login to cPanel and begin to setup your email accounts and uploading your existing website files.

If you want to do a fresh install of WordPress you can wait until we have installed your Auto SSL or you can install WordPress without SSL and update the WordPress site URL addresses to use SSL after SSL has been installed. If you ordered a new domain name when ordering hosting the SSL will already be installed and available to use.

cPanel Imports

If your previous web host is using cPanel we can import your whole cPanel account for you. This will import all email accounts, website files and databases. If you would like us to import your cPanel account please contact us to arrange a time. We will require the login details to your old cPanel account.

SSL Certificate Setup

We auto install SSL certificates for all domains on a web hosting account.

You do not need to buy or install SSL certificates.

For more SSL details see:

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