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Web Hosting Support FAQ

What payment methods do you offer?

Orders and invoices can be paid by Credit Card or PayPal.

Credit Card

When paying by credit card your credit card will be saved to your account. If you have a valid credit card in your account, invoices will be automatically billed when due. To prevent auto credit card billing you can delete your credit card or select PayPal as the default payment method for your account, then when you go to pay your next invoice you can choose either credit card or PayPal.

How to Add/Edit an account credit card

Login to our website then go to Account ➜ Payment Methods ➜ Add New Credit Card or Edit button to edit existing card.

How to delete an account credit card

Login to our website then go to Account ➜ Payment Methods ➜ Delete.

How to change the default payment method

Login to our website then go to Account ➜ Account Details ➜ Select a Payment Method ➜ Save Changes.


When you proceed to pay for an invoice you can choose to pay each invoice as they come due using PayPal or you can choose to setup a PayPal subscription for the total of a recurring invoice.

The PayPal subscription option will only be available if the invoice is not past its due date.

How to delete a PayPal subscription

To delete a PayPal subscription login to your PayPal account and view your subscriptions. You can then cancel the PayPal payment subscription with us.

If you cancel your hosting account with us the PayPal subscription associated with that account will automatically be cancelled.

If you have accidently setup more than one subscription for the same hosting plan you will need to login to your PayPal account to cancel the extra subscription.