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Web Hosting Support FAQ

How to backup a full account in cPanel

In cPanel you can easily take a Full cPanel Backup of your hosting account. This will create a zip file of all your files, databases, emails and settings. You can download the backup file to your computer for storage.

Please note: we automatically backup your full hosting account each week and store the backups remotely. You can read more about our automatic backups here: How to download weekly cPanel backups

Generate a Full Backup:

1 – Login to your cPanel.

2 – Go to Files ➜ Backup.

3 – Under the Full Backup section, click Download a Full Account Backup.

4 – On the next screen select Home Directory as the Backup Destination.

5 – To receive an email once the backup has completed you can enter an email address.

6 – Click Generate Backup. The backup process will start and you will see a message “Full Backup in Progress”. Full backups can take some time to complete depending on how much data is in your account.

7 – Once your backup has been created, you can download the backup file from your cPanel ➜ Files ➜ Backup. Under the Full Backup section you will see a link to your backup file. You can also find the backup file in your /home directory in File Manager/FTP.

8 – Once you have downloaded your backup from the server you should delete the backup file via File Manager/FTP.

Please note :

– After you decompress the backup file, you can upload and restore individual portions of your website that the full backup file contains.

– The backup process for an account near or over its quota may fail because the system cannot write necessary files.