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Welcome to Hostmates Cheap Australian Hosting & Domain Services

Our company has been hosting Australian businesses since 2000. Our hosting prices are cheap, simple and transparent. All the services you need to operate successfully online.

  • Access to unlimited friendly support.
  • Access to the most powerful web hosting control panel.
  • Auto install WordPress to create your website or let us make one for you.
  • Or transfer your existing website for free if using cPanel.
  • Easily setup emails addresses and forwarders.
  • Free SSL certificates.
  • All for the one low cheap price.

Australian Support Staff & Web Servers

Our support staff are here to help you with solutions and answer any hosting and website questions you have. Our experienced web hosting staff are Australian and have been with us for 19 years. We manage our own web servers which are all located in Australia.

Web Hosting, Domain Names, Websites & Free SSL

At Hostmate we provide great hosting support, cheap web hosting, domain names, website design and free SSL Certificates. We have 3 web hosting plans which will suit most Australian businesses for the life of their website and domain. You should find it to be more than enough resources for your email and website needs. We will also secure your websites with Free SSL Certificates.

Money Back Guarantee

Our web hosting and domain prices are very cheap but we haven't comprised on quality or security. We backup our cheap web hosting with excellent service. We are an Australian owned and operated web host company. Try us to find out, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. (Domain name registrations are non refundable)


After searching for a web host I settled on Hostmate and it has been a great choice. Apart from a great price and including SSL, the Hostmate team were very responsive as I set up my website. I've had good uptime and their services support my web needs (such as WordPress and other cPanel items). I'd be happy to recommend Hostmate to those looking for a hosting service.

Jason Sexton
GuardHERE Consulting

My online store hosting is fast and reliable, with knowledgeable and prompt technical support.

Geraldine Robinson
Flicka Handmade

Simply the best and easiest host to get a website up and running. Totally hassle free. Thanks Hostmate.

Days away from HomE

I have to complement Hostmate as I was nervous that all hell was going to happen with the change over BUT you proved me wrong by not only making the change over from Hostpapa seamless but without any down time at all. I have also been monitoring the site speed difference and I must point out that there is a BIG improvement in your hosting ! I look forward to this quality of service continuing and will be moving my other clients hosting as they become due for renewal.

Gary Baker
Eye Build Websites

Free Website Transfers

Get us to move your existing cPanel web hosting to our servers.

Free .au Domain Name Registration Transfers

Transfer your domain names to our service and save. No renewal on transfer for .au domains.

Top 10 Pre Sales Questions

+ Where are your web servers located?

All our web servers are located in Sydney Australia.

+Are you based in Australia?

We are based on the Gold Coast Australia. All our support staff are Australian citizens.

+Are you an Australian owned business?

Yes, we are proud to be a 100% Australian owned and operated business. Our company has been operating since 1999. All our staff are Australian. All our web hosting servers are located in Sydney Australia. Our Domain Registrar partner is also all Australian.

+Do you provide cPanel hosting control panel?

Yes we only use cPanel control panel. cPanel is provided with all our hosting plans.

+How long will it take to set up my hosting account?

New Customers

For new customers hosting accounts are setup almost immediately. Once we receive your order we will do a fraud check on the order. This happens quickly so your account will be setup soon after the fraud check.

The fraud check process usually takes a few minutes but occasionally can take up to half an hour.

After your hosting account is setup you will receive a Hosting Setup email.

Existing Customers

For existing customers new accounts are setup instantly. We don’t conduct fraud checks for customers with existing products. So any new orders placed after your first order are setup automatically.

After Receiving the Hosting Account Setup Email

If you are using an existing domain you can then update your domain name servers for the domain as outlined in the setup email. If you registered a new domain in the same order your domain name servers will be setup automatically.

Once you receive the Hosting Setup email you can login to cPanel and begin to setup your email accounts and uploading your existing website files.

If you want to do a fresh install of WordPress you can wait until we have installed your Auto SSL or you can install WordPress without SSL and update the WordPress site URL addresses to use SSL after SSL has been installed. If you ordered a new domain name when ordering hosting the SSL will already be installed and available to use.

cPanel Imports

If your previous web host is using cPanel we can import your whole cPanel account for you. This will import all email accounts, website files and databases. If you would like us to import your cPanel account please contact us to arrange a time. We will require the login details to your old cPanel account.

SSL Certificate Setup

We auto install SSL certificates for all domains on a web hosting account.

You do not need to buy or install SSL certificates.

For more SSL details see:

How to install SSL on my hosting account

How to check if SSL is installed for my domain

How to add SSL to a WordPress website

+Do you charge any hidden setup or admin fees?

No we don’t have any other hidden fees. The only fees we charge are for the web hosting plan fees and domain name registration fees as displayed on our website.

+What payment methods do you offer?

Orders and invoices can be paid by Credit Card or PayPal.

Credit Card

When paying by credit card your credit card will be saved to your account. If you have a valid credit card in your account, invoices will be automatically billed when due. To prevent auto credit card billing you can delete your credit card or select PayPal as the default payment method for your account, then when you go to pay your next invoice you can choose either credit card or PayPal.

How to delete an account credit card

Login to our website then go to Account -> Payment Methods

How to change the default payment method

Login to our website then go to Account -> Edit Account Details -> Select a Payment Method -> Save Changes


When you procede to pay for an invoice you can choose to pay each invoice as they come due using PayPal or you can choose to setup a PayPal subscription for the total of a recurring invoice.

The PayPal subscription option will only be available if the invoice is not past its due date.

How to delete a PayPal subscription

To delete a PayPal subscription login to your PayPal account and view your subscriptions. You can then cancel the PayPal payment subscription with us.

If you cancel your hosting account with us the PayPal subscription associated with that account will automatically be cancelled.

+Can you transfer my cPanel account to your servers?

If your current web hosting uses cPanel we can take a full backup of the account and import it to our servers. The import will include all website files, databases, email accounts and settings.

There is no downtime. Once we have imported the account you can update your domain nameservers to point to our servers. Then usually within a few minutes to a few hours it will start working on our servers.

Once you have placed a hosting order with us and your account is setup we can do the cPanel transfer.

We will require the login to your existing cPanel to do the import.

Once the transfer is completed you can update the domain nameservers, or get us to do that for you too, we will require the domain name registration management login to do that.

Contact us if you would like to arrange a cPanel transfer.

+Do your web servers have SSD?

Yes all our web servers run SSD hard drives.

+Do you provide backups of websites & emails?

Yes we automatically take weekly backups of all hosting accounts. We retain 2 weekly backups of each account remotely off site. These backups include your entire cPanel hosting account including all files, emails, databases and settings. You can download these backups at anytime in cPanel : How to download weekly cPanel backups

You can also manually create and download a live current backup anytime in cPanel : How to backup a full account in cPanel